Swakopmund Museum

The Swakopmund Museum was founded in 1951 by dentist Dr. Alfons Weber. It is the largest privately run museum in Namibia. On display are various types of indigenous plants, animals, minerals, an archaeological exhibition, the transport system of old and a variety of cultural historical objects. One of a kind and educational is the exhibition “People of Namibia.” This focuses on the traditional heritage of the different ethnic groups of Namibia.

Below you can find an overview of the exhibits of the Museum.

The museum shop offers a large variety of books, postcards and souvenirs. You can even send your post from here!

Interesting local videos are shown at the Swakopmund Museum upon request between 11:00 and 13:00. We have new informative videos available. Alongside the German video about Swakopmund (Swakopmund 1892-1915 by Immo Böhlke) we show the interesting film “South West Africa in Pre-colonial days” and the natural history films: “The Namib Desert Coast” and “Ecotourism and Namibia’s wetlands: Supporting livelihoods”.

The Museum is situated between the lighthouse and the beach. It is open daily from 10h00 to 17h00.

Entrance Fees

Adults:N$ 30,00
Students & pensioners:N$ 25,00
Children/Students:N$ 10,00
Adult Groups of 10:N$ 25,00 per person
School Groups:N$ 5,00 per student (1 teacher gets free entry for every 10 paying students)

We offer guided tours. To book your informative tour call: +264-64-402046. Guided tours cost N$40 per Person.

Tours of the Rössing Uranium Mine are offered every first Friday of the month. Tickets to visit the Rössing Uranium Mine can be bought at the museum reception. Further details.


Rössing Uranium Mine Tours

Guided tours of the Rössing Uranmine are offered every first Friday of the month. Tickets for the tour of the Rössing Uranmine are available at the Museum Reception. More details.

Ticket Prices for the Rössing Tour:

Adults:N$ 40,00
ChildrenN$ 30,00

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