Passenger Lists

Passenger lists

Beginning of the 20th century some shipping lines such as the Ost-Afrika Linie offered the service to travellers to publish their arrival in the German colonies for a little fee (see advert in the Deutsch- Südwestafrikanische Zeitung,  20th February 1909 above). Here surnames and professions of the new arrivals were announced. There are further possibilities to search for people that arrived and lived in the then German South West Africa. Clues can be found in the historic newspapers under various categories ranging from birth notices, adverts for brides, wedding announcements, insolvency and military announcements among others. Further information about people is retrievable from Address books (1908-1958, see below) and the German “Kolonialblatt” (1890-1914) and other publications. These valuable historic documents as well as all local newspapers since 1989 are archived at the Sam Cohen Library Swakopmund.

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