Digital Security Week Business event – 22 May 2019

Online Security and Privacy Workshop (22nd May 2019)

09:00 – 13:30 22nd May at the Swakopmund Museum Auditorium

This event is now over, stay tuned for more soon.

Proudly sponsored by:
Grant Thornton Neuhaus and Namibia Security Supplies

In cooperation with Intelligence-i1 and the Scientific Society Swakopmund.

Event Details

During the week from the 20th to the 24th of May 2019 the Scientific Society Swakopmund together with Andrew Fordred from will be hosting a internet security awareness week with several lectures, training for school students and a business workshop event.

Earlier this year a similar event was held with great success by with the Namibia Scientific Society in Windhoek.

This is the opportunity for coastal businesses to attend.
We have a sponsor for the event and attendance is free.

The workshop event will be focused on the numerous ways criminals and others with nefarious intentions, commit acts such as stalking, harassment theft of information and exposure, hacking, surveillance, extortion and blackmail, reputational harm. The attendee will be provided with practical examples and exercises of how to prevent themselves from becoming a victim to such attacks.

The audience will for example, learn immediately how to properly create and store passwords, improve online security, secure their cell phones, identify phishing emails or suspect files containing malware and also an understanding of their digital footprint.

We place emphasis on empowering the user to better apply overall defensive behaviour in regards to computer technology for both online and offline activity, at work and at home. It is designed for anyone, not just IT professionals.

The workshop will be held as a whole morning event 08:30 for 09:00 to 13:30 including a mid morning buffet and refreshments break.

Seats are limited to 40 persons total. So only the first 40 attendee’s to register will be accepted. We will accept a maximum of 4 persons per Business.

Topics Covered may include:

  1. Credential management practices
    • Internet access security
    • Online Accounts
    • Basic computer security
  2. Web & Online best practices
    • Anonymous communications
    • Threat models
    • Anonymous purchases
  3. Strengthening of mobile device security (cell phone’s/laptops)
  4. Phishing and Malware pattern detection skills
  5. Personal data and privacy awareness
    • how can my data be used against me, and what’s out there
    • Online information risks
    • Life changes
    • Social Media
    • Credit companies
  6. Response planning for when an incident has occurred
    • Cyber Crimes

Event Short points

Date22 May 2019
Schedule09:00 – 13:30
VenueSwakopmund Museum Auditorium
Max Persons per Business4
Event Capacity40 Persons
Entrance CostFree
FormatBusiness oriented hands-on Workshop
WiFi AvailableMid morning snacks and refreshments

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