The Namib Desert Coast DVD

The Namib Desert Coast DVDHome to animals that swim in the sand, plants that grow for thousands of years, and such environmental extremes that, at times, fish walk out of the water, Namibia’s coast is a fascinating place, rich in history and biodiversity. It is worth exploring, learning more about, and certainly worth protecting. Stretching some 1570 kms from the border with South Africa in the south to the border with Angola in the north, our coast is also home to human settlements and industries such as mining, fishing and tourism that contribute significantly to the nation’s economy. Increasing human pressures over the past years highlight the urgent need for sound coastal planning and management to ensure sustainable and optimal use of coastal areas and their resources for future generations. Now is the time for all Namibians and visitors to rally together to conserve and use wisely our unique coastal and marine environment. This film presents the beauty, diversity and resources of our coastal environment and encourages us to be COASTODIANS, caring for our coast, caring for our future.

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