Open water up to the Pole

[su_table] Date: 8th March 2018 Time: 19:00 Place: Swakopmund Museum [/su_table] Dr I.J. Demhard will give a presentation titled: “Open water up to the Pole … – Assumptions, Surprises and Discoveries in the Arctic” After the defeat of Napoleon and a hibernation of almost two centuries, the pushes for the Northeast and Northwest Passages were […]

Open Day at the Namib Botanical Gardens

We would like to invite you to an Open Day at the Namib Botanical Gardens (NBG) just outside of Swakopmund for a brief introduction to the project and a guided tour around the thematic areas of this relocation site for rescued endemic Namib desert flora.

Please confirm your participation with the office of the Scientific Society Swakopmund
( or Tel.: 064-402 695).

Rhino Poaching and “HORN” Book Launch by Peter Kuhnert

HORN is a fast-moving novel about the scourge of rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park.
Vietnamese syndicates are enticing poor African locals to risk their lives for a few dollars, while they make millions. The South African Government appoints an outsider to head the Anti-poaching unit. The HORN holds a powerful lure for the anti-poaching unit, the syndicates, a London journalist, a Hong Kong society lady, and an Interpol agent. All are chasing the HORN on the living beast or as a powdered placebo.

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