World Oceans Day

Celebrate World Oceans Day with us!

In the Swakopmund Museum we will show the much loved movie “Tortuga” (documentary in German but with beautiful and dramatic underwater filming!). Here we have a special exhibition of the “Namibian Marine Spatial Planning Project” and a short film giving further background information. We also have a lot of other interesting information and displays about the ocean and the life in-front of our coast.

In the Sam Cohen Library we have in-depth information about the sea and a wonderful new acquisition: “Living Shores – Interacting with southern Africa’s marine ecosystems” by George and Margo Branch. The well-known and much loved classic of Marine Biology in southern Africa has been revived and thoroughly reworked.
Richly supported by full-colour photography and numerous explanatory illustrations, diagrams and graphs, this book proves invaluable to students and teachers but also appeals to anyone with a fascination for nature and our marine world in particular.



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