Theatre: More variations on a blue bench

The Lab Theatre-Initiative and Alzheimers/Dementia/Namibia, together with Aldo Behrens, present the play “More Variations on a Blue Bench” at the lecture hall at the Museum.

Tickets are sold by the Swakopmunder Buchhandlung and cost N$ 150.00.

Two persons – preferably straight opposites- meet randomly on a BLUE BENCH and their natural OPPOSITE POLAR ATTITUDES provide an ideal milieu for CONFLICT on which DRAMATIC ACTION can FLORISH (Example: In the 1st VARIATION a RETIRED PROFESSOR meets a professional BUM – Book-wise versus Street-wise.) The Bum takes from a plastic bag a laptop and googles theories on Western philosophy – amongst others. In the third VARIATION – the recent one for Swakopmund – the two protagonists discovered the French word for DENIAL (from French DEMENTI) and the plot develops into a layman’s understanding of ALZHEIMERS/DEMENTIA.

The story is based on the parable: THE BEGGAR AND THE BOX.

The duration of the show: 65 – 70 minutes. The text is in English.

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