Open Day at the Namib Botanical Gardens


Date:4th March 2018
Place:Namib Botanical Gardens


You are invited to an Open Day at the Namib Botanical Gardens (NBG) just outside of Swakopmund for a brief introduction to the project and a guided tour around the thematic areas of this relocation site for rescued endemic Namib desert flora.


Prompted by the recent visit of the International Dendrology Society and the obvious interest in Namibian botany among our membership we decided to further explore this theme by arranging a visit to the nascent Namib Botanical Gardens (NBG) project located outside of Swakopmund.

Please note that the NBG is not as yet a fully fledged commercial project, but at this stage only a small, self-driven, private and voluntary environmental initiative, evolving as time and resources allow. By way of an advance apology, therefore kindly overlook the “rough edges” and partly unkempt state of the gardens and operational infrastructure of this project in the making.

The NBG project’s operations commenced in 2012, when the Husab uranium mine site was cleared of the indigenous flora to make way for mining infrastructure. Some of these rescued plants were relocated to NBG. Smaller relocations followed, but another highlight was in 2016, when Rössing uranium mine extended their tailings dam, leading to another large scale rescue and relocation exercise, endowing NBG with a select number of rare species, incl. some mature specimens.

We are happy to report that most of the relocated plants have re-established well at the NBG site!


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