HoRN.nam: who they are and what they do

The next talk in the Rhinoceros Lecture Series:

Thursday, 15th February Jaco Muller, the Chairperson of HoRN.nam will present his organisation.

The talk will be held 19:00 in the Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall. Everyone is welcome, entrance is free, donations are welcome.

HoRN is “a group of private game farmers, friends of rhinos and passionate conservationists sworn to the cause of rescuing a national treasure from falling victim to the greed of mankind.”

They are currently also raising two orphaned rhino calves. One black rhino bull calf, named Chobe, whose mother was poached mid-2017 and then a little white rhino heifer calf, named Elfie, whose mother was poached during November 2017.

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