Dynamic Sand Dunes of the Skeleton Coast

Friday, 29th September, 19h00, Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

Dr Jo Nield (University of Southampton, UK) has been working in the Skeleton Coast National Park for the last four years, and has been researching desert processes in southern Africa and the US since 2006.

The talk focuses on recent National Geographic funded research with Professor Giles Wiggs (University of Oxford, UK), Dr Matthew Baddock (Loughborough University, UK) and Dr Martin Hipondoka (University of Namibia), investigating how dunes form and move.

Through measuring wind, sand transport and surface change, we are able to develop new insights into how sand patches grow into dunes and how these dunes migrate. The talk will show animations of modelled and measured surface pattern change and include a demonstration of a terrestrial laser scanning instrument, that is able to produce a three dimensional topographic image with millimetre accuracy.


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