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Museum exhibits


Some interesting exhibits to be seen at the Swakopmund Museum are inter alia:

People of Namibia

Exhibition highlighting the rich cultural history of Namibia’s people. Your visit will give you unique inside into their traditions and everyday life.

Wildlife and plants
A definite favourite among young and old. Come see Namibia’s wildlife may it be on land or in the sea. You will likely be surprised on what you will find.

A fascinating collection of Minerals found in various places in Namibia.

Ernst Vollbehr: The wooden jetty, Swakopmund 1909. Kindly donated by the Diehl Family

New temporary exhibition: Swakopmund as harbour town

The construction of the wooden jetty, one of Swakopmund’s landmark features, more than 100 years ago is brought to life with old photos and this picture by the famous artist Ernst Vollbehr.

A detailed plan is available here: Museum overview-numbered