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Annual General Meeting of the Scientific Society Swakopmund: Thursday, 17.8.2017, 19h00, Sam Cohen Library

After the meeting a movie about a settlement in the Swakop river will exclusively shown. It is in German, and promises to be very interesting! Mr Fahrbach and Mr Schneeweiss took almost three years to produce it.

Swakopmund – 125th anniversary exhibition Swakopmund – 125th anniversary exhibition NEW in the Swakopmund Museum!

Talks & Lectures at the Swakopmund Museum

How to get to the Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

August 2017

Thursday, 10th August, 18h00, Museum, Official opening of the “125 years Swakopmund” exhibition by Dr Swiegers

Everyone is welcome to have a look at the new exhibition about our town Swakopmund. The exhibition will tell of the hardships and the successes of the little town between the sea and the desert. The times come alive with photos and maps and interesting facts. Join us at the official opening! Snacks will be served while entrance is free as always. Donations ensure that we can continue to entertain and educate.

July 2017

Thursday, 13th July, 18h00, Museum, “Bird counting at the coast” by Holger Kolberg – SCIENCE @ THE COAST
Thursday, 15th June, 18h00, Museum, “Towards the Creation of a Maritime Museum for Namibia, being established at the town of Lüderitz” von Dr. A. Tordesillas

Tuesday, 13th June, 18h00, Museum, “What is the Mandate of the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources?” by Dr H. Holtzhausen
“The Importance of Maintaining Standards and Conformity Assessment Services – Introducing the Namibian Standards Institution” by D. Shetunyenga


Thursday, 1 June, 18h00, Museum, “The Scientific Society Swakopmund Today” – SCIENCE @ THE COAST

Business manager Nadine E. Kohlstädt started the SCIENCE @ THE COAST talks by introducing the Scientific Society Swakopmund. Who we are, what we do and why you should become a member!

The renovated Lecture Hall will be celebrated with some snacks and a chat.

Tuesday, 30th Mai, 18h00, Museum, “Die Wissenschafltiche Gesellschaft Swakopmund Heute” – SCIENCE @ THE COAST

Business manager Nadine E. Kohlstädt started the SCIENCE @ THE COAST talks by introducing the Scientific Society Swakopmund in German.

25th April, 19h00, Museum, “Lesotho” by Mrs Brase

16th March 2017, 18h00, Museum Lecture Hall: Video-screening of “The Sheltering Desert” in German

The documentary “Wenn es Krieg gibt, gehen wir in die Wüste” and the Film “Flucht in die Wüste” are based on the famous book “The sheltering desert” by Henno Martin. Both will be shown in German, unfortunately no subtitles are available.

As special treat to our visitors we will sell the book “Wenn es Krieg gibt, gehen wir in die Wüste” at a reduced rate!!!

10th March 2017, 19h00, Museum Lecture Hall:”Titanic – A Myth Making Machine” by Claes-Göran Wetterholm

Mr. Wetterholm has written extensively on shipwrecks in particular in the European context. His specialty is, however, Titanic.

A report by Kirsten Kraft inspired by this interesting lecture will be published soon in our reports.

17th January 2017, 18h00, Museum Lecture Hall: Post-Mining Restoration in Namdeb’s Licence Areas by Herta Kolberg

Diamonds have been mined along the south-western coast of Namibia for more than a century. This has obviously left scars in the environment. The present licence holder, Namdeb Diamond Corporation, has engaged the help of various experts to assist in post-mining restoration of their mined-out areas. Present focus falls on two vastly different areas – Bogenfels and Sendelingsdrif. Challenges and efforts leading towards restoration at these two sites are presented with a short overview of future plans.

6 December, 18h00, Museum Lecture Hall: Marine Phosphate Mining
Dr. Mary Seely: “Offshore Phosphate Mining Introduction”
Bronwen Currie: “Phosphate mining: the marine perspective”

Dr. Seely is a renowned Namibian environmentalist and internationally recognised scientist. She is not a marine scientist, but after Namibia’s Independence has gained fifteen years of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) experience. Mrs Currie is Chief Biologist at the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, where she works since 23 years.

1 November, 18h00, Namibian Uranium Institute, “Energy and Climate: Facts and Trends” by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stribrny

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stribrny is a German geologist and is heading the Division of Geoinformation and International Cooperation at the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources in Germany. Mineralogy and Metallogeny, Nature Conservation and Biodiversity, Nuclear Safety, Climate Research, as well as Palaeontology and Historical Geology have been the main focus points of his career so far.

6th October, 19h00, Auditorium of MFMR  “Aspekte der modernen Kartographie” by Prof. Jäschke (in German)

19 October, 17h30, Auditorium of MFMR,  “Is Desalination a Sustainable Solution to Namibia’s Water Crisis?”

This panel discussion was organised by Think Namibia, Hanns Seidel Stiftung & DRFN.

13th September, 19h00, MFMR Auditorium, NASA ORACLES Project: Smoke & clouds over the southeast Atlantic

24 August, 18h00, Namibian Uranium Institute, “Sea Level and Coastline Change: Competition of Geological, Climatic and Anthropogene Impacts” by Prof. Jan Harff

25 August, 18:00, MFMR Auditorium, “What can dogs and other animals teach us about cancer?”
by Prof. Matthew Breen and “African elephants can detect chemicals using olfaction: Implications of biomimicry for biosensor applications” by Dr. Stephen Lee

31 July, 17:30: “Sustainable development in Africa – technological perspectives” by Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer

7 June, 18:00: “Antarctica – South Georgia – Patagonia: Work & Play” by Dr. Branko Corner

9 June, 18:00, Namibian Uranium Institute, “Biodiversity offsets in Namibia: a challenge for all the right reasons” by Theo Wassenaar

12 May, 18:00: “Auf nach Südwest!”, by Peter Spätling

12 April 18h00: “The Last Lioness – A journey from head to heart”, by Herbert Bräuer


Swakopmund is celebrating its 125th birthday 4-6 August 2017 and the Swakopmund Museum is contributing by remembering the past and looking into the future with a new exhibition dealing with the history of the town. The official opening will be 10th August 18h00, but the exhibition will open its doors already during the birthday weekend!





Christine Marais’ stunning postersTemporary Exhibition at the Museum

We are offering guided tours at the Museum!
Past Temporary exhibitions

Swakopmund as harbour town

The construction of the wooden jetty, one of Swakopmund’s landmark features, more than 100 years ago is brought to life with old photos and this picture by the famous artist Ernst Vollbehr.

The Christmas Competition 2016 in the Swakopmund Museum was a success. Four lucky winners received their prizes.

The Namibian Heritage Week (19-24 September) was well attended by Primary School children from a previously disadvantaged background. They enjoyed the talk by PAPA Shikongeni regarding intangible cultural heritage and participated in the competition: “The culture or greetings”.

The Baobab Tree (Omukwa) exhibition was shown at our Museum. It was developed by the Baobab Working Group in collaboration with the Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) and financed by the Embassy of Finland.

The “Changing History” exhibition, developed by the Museum Association of Namibia (MAN) was on display in June 2016.

Sam Cohen Library

Now new reading example of the book “Der Wahrheit eine Gasse” by H.R. Schneider-Waterberg!


otavi-bhfThe national monuments “Otavi Bahnhof” and “OMEG Haus” on the premises of the Scientific Society Swakopmund have been successfully restored to former glory. For details see below reports by Mr Roxin:

Background and Proposal for Renovations to the Otavi Bahn Railway Terminal and OMEG Haus Buildings”

Renovations to the Otavi Bahn Railway Terminal and OMEG Haus buildings (2016)”


AGM 2016 report of the chairman of the board
18th August 2016

AGM 2015 report of the chairman of the board
30th September 2015

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